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The LGSM Foundation supports children with special needs in their study of music and the arts.  It is named in memory of Lillian Gertrude Sims McRitchie, a piano teacher who selflessly donated her time and musical expertise to teach a student with disabilities for many years.  That student later became an accomplished concert pianist and dedicated her life to performance and music instruction.  She started the LGSM Foundation in honor of her beloved teacher as a way to pay forward the musical education she received.  The LGSM Foundation provides music lessons, materials and instruments for children with disabilities who otherwise might not have the opportunity to study music due to the staggering medical costs that they face.

Funded mostly by private donations and fundraisers, the LGSM Foundation serves any child with special needs who has a desire to study music.  There is an application process to determine what would fit best with each child.  Assistance is provided to help with the cost of music lessons, materials and instruments.  Sponsored children are able to study any instrument they wish.  Many choose piano, but students also study a wide range of instruments such as guitar, trumpet, drums and violin.

The LGSM Foundation is headquartered on the northeast side of San Antonio in the private studio of founder and president Mrs. Linda Camann, who has dedicated her life to music instruction.  While the majority of her students are high school, college, and adult level, Mrs. Camann also has a class of elementary and middle school students.  Some students have special needs and are sponsored by the LGSM Foundation.  Her pupils, who come from all walks of life, are among the elite in piano performance.  The students are taught all aspects of music.  They learn music theory, music history, sight reading, technical skills, performance skills, proper instrument care, and a myriad of other skills and techniques.  All students are expected to work to the best of their ability, and most importantly, they are inspired to have fun and accomplish goals.  The students are all lovingly encouraged to work together, help each other, and share their music.  They have a family-like camaraderie, and form very close bonds and lifelong friendships, all through the study of music.

Mrs. Camann’s class works tirelessly throughout the year on various performance projects.  They give solo and ensemble concerts for the community, some of which are LGSM fundraisers.  These concerts range from outdoor events to small, intimate venues, large theaters, and auditoriums.  They also have informal parties where they share their music with friends and family.  In addition to performing, the students  participate in statewide competitions to test their musical skills.  All of them score in the top percentile every year, and many get perfect scores.

The study of music provides more for children with special needs than mere recreation.  While learning to play an instrument, the students are also able to improve cognitive development, self-expression, fine and gross motor skills, and social skills.  They also learn responsibility and accountability, and are given the opportunity for social interaction and public performance.  Through the study of music, these children are able to explore an artistic side of themselves that they might not even have known they have if not for the LGSM Foundation.  Many sponsored students start music lessons as small children and continue for years, often into their high school and college years.  Many win contests and college scholarships for music performance, and some even become paid musical artists.

The LGSM Foundation provides a much needed service to children with disabilities.  The study of music and the arts can be a life-changing experience for a child who otherwise might never have been given the opportunity.  The LGSM Foundation also shows these children that when they learn beautiful, complex music and master an instrument, they can overcome other obstacles in life.   Disability does not have to prohibit the realization of a child’s hopes and dreams.  The LGSM Foundation helps them find a way to participate in life and share their talents and gifts.

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